Mega Fortune Jackpot Winners

Mega Fortune Jackpot Winners


……………..Mega Fortune is the biggest online jackpot in the world, having paid out over £90 Million in jackpots since it first went live in late 2008. Below we list some of the more recent wins and the amoungs won in Euros for your digestion!

2 168 76604-07-2010
4 004 57318-10-2010
5 319 02021-02-2011
11 736 36824-09-2011
6 864 85818-01-2012
3 949 86730-03-2012
3 144 03906-06-2012
17 861 813  (Guiness WR)20-01-2013
3 105 27813-02-2013
5 306 61127-05-2013
3 737 60107-08-2013
3 246 81822-10-2013
2 627 73013-12-2013
2 565 85318-01-2014
658 14825-01-2014
2 455 90503-03-2014
2 925 12620-04-2014

A Guiness World record online jackpot record was achieved on 20th January 2013, when the amount of 17,861,813 euros was won by this handsome Mega Fortune jackpot winner. This is the biggest ever jackpot won online, and dwarfs most jackpots ever won worldwide even in the offline arena, including Las Vegas and certainly in Blackpool England J

In response to this the Mega Fortune jackpot winner supurb win, the game suppliers CEO Björn Krantz  of Net Entertainment said “It is my pleasure to congratulate yet another multi millionaire, and it is fantastic to acknowledge that Mega Fortune hits a world record in the online jackpot history. €17.8 million is truly life changing, and we can only take our hat off for the lucky winner”

Prior to that a fortunate player from Sweden more recently hit a 3,105,278 euros win on 13th feb 2013! making him the second Mega Fortune jackpot winner for 2013 and it was only February the 13th, certainly not unlucky for this chap!

The second largest ever Mega Fortune jackpot winner was a 20-year old Norwegian who won 11.7 Million Euros on September 24th 2011, after accumulating some money via free spins on Mega Fortune he successfully took down the actual jackpot itself after taking to the game in the early hours after completing a night out with friends at the cinema. I guess he won’t need to study any long

So, if you want your name in the Guiness Book of Records, and you fancy 14Million Euros plus change in your pocket, then we suggest you invest a few coins in this slot!

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