Casino Hippodrome Holdem

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18th July 2023

Casino Hippodrome Holdem

Casino Holdem is one of the most traditional table based game in the Casino, licensed in the UK since 1997.

You play directly against the house, not against other players like in Texas Holdem.

Apart from this the game rules of Casino Holdem are the same, you are dealt 2 hole cards, then you post the ante or fold. More betting rounds then follow, with the traditional flop, turn and river cards following offering you chances to improve your hand and increase your stakes.

There are many places where you can enjoy playing Casino Holdem, but we recommend to play online, which is one of the most well known London based Online Casinos in existance, established in 1996!

We have also arranged for a Welcome Bonus to be given to you when you arrive. Good luck 🙂

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