Black Jack Basic Strategies (Multi Deck and Single Deck )

Since Black Jack is such an established favourite
we have detailed the basics of the game below, complete with some
basic strategy tables that you could print out and use whilst playing
online. These can be accessed from the links below.

Black Jack Multi Deck Basic Strategy ( 4-8 decks )

Black Jack Basic Strategy – Single Deck

All Online Casinos have specific rules
relating to their games listed in specific detail on their websites
and it would not be wise for us to explain the generic rules of
all the various rules existing withing the Casino. We urge you to
familiarise yourself with the rules before parting with your cash!

We recommend playing for the highest stake that you can afford.

Go to your casino, deposit the amount, pick up your monthly bonus then play heavy, ensuring you
play as little game rounds as possible, then withdraw you winnings
and pop back again the next month ! Many players make a monthly salary
using such a strategy, although you’ll have to have a strong stomach
for this.

A more cautious approach would be to use the basic strategy tables
included herewith to maximise your edge over the duration of your
play. Over time, the game play decisions will become second nature
and you won’t need to refer to these tables, perhaps only as a reference
point from time to time.

In blackjack, a winning hand consists of cards reaching as close to
21 as possible without going over, whilst also beating the dealer’s

Common BlackJack terms…….

Splitting pairs

You’re allowed
to split your first two cards when they are of the same value, you
then have to make another bet equal to your original bet. Then,
you’re allowed to play the pairs as separate hands. You are only
allowed one more card on each hand when you split aces, and getting
21 is not considered blackjack.

Doubling down

When you double
your original bet, that means you’re doubling down. This can happen
after you get your first two cards. If you decide to double down,
you’ll only receive one more card and the dealer will draw the cards
he needs to finish his hand.


You have a blackjack when the first two cards dealt to you or the dealer are
an ace and a card worth 10. Payoffs for blackjack are three to two.


In certain gambling establishments, you’ll be given the option of insurance
when the dealer’s face-up card is an ace. This will cost half your
original bet. Your insurance bet pays two to one if the dealer gets
blackjack, making up for what you lost on the original bet.

Once again,we urge you to familiarise yourself with the rules of the game particular
to the Casino before commencing play.

The majority of Casinos use 4-8 decks and the basic strategy table as linked
to below should be used in this instance. Otherwise, you should
use the Single Deck Strategy.

Black Jack Multi Deck Basic Strategy ( 4-8 decks )

Black Jack Basic Strategy – Single Deck

Good luck…………….