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Welcome to Casino Winner Online, where we add value by giving you extra spins than you may otherwise get by directly going to the online casino and also giving you an insight into how much we rate and trust the online casino. At this point it should be highlighted that we only write about online casinos that we have good experiences with, and hence if you dont see a online casino listed here it is basically flagging it as a rogue casino that is better off avoided ūüėČ

To get you started we recommend our Home Page, where you can see our Top 10 Trusted Casinos, listed at the top of the page. This is where we like to update the best offers available on the internet at the current time in respect of online free spins offers coupled with the best casino bonuses that are currently available.

By doing a little homework, it is of course possible to make healthy profits from online casinos when playing online. Firstly, you should know the rules and strategy of the game that you intend playing before parting with your cash. In addition you should appreciate that some games give the player a better chance of beating the house than others, as illustrated in the table below, which show the average hold of games within an online casino, focusing on the most popular table games.

Nevertheless, video slots may have a slightly lower payout than table games however this is due to the upside variance that you can find in a video slot that is not present in a table game such as blackjack. For example, if you play 100 spins on a video slot at 1 Euro a spin, if you hit a big win, then you could even win a jackpot in the Millions of Euros. However, if you play 100 hands on blackjack, there is of course the chance that you can also go on a great hot streak and win a substantial amount, but it will take some time to get a life changing amount that can be obtained in a video slot such as the Mega Fortune

Game Type of Bet House Edge
Blackjack Atlantic City 0.42%
Video Poker Jacks or Better 0.46%
Craps Pass Line 1.41%
Baccarat Banker/Player 1.06%   Р1.24%
Roulette Single Zero 2.7%
Video Slots Variable 2% -15%
Let it Ride General 3.51%
Caribbean Stud Ante 5.25%

Unlike in Las Vegas,¬†there are no machines that have been placed strategically in well lighted¬†areas that are playing “loose”, intended to gain publicity when¬†they pay out. Online, all machines play according to a Random Number Generator¬†that has to be certified in order for the online casino to be issued with¬†its Gambling Licence.

Understanding this is vitally important in learning how to play the percentages, especially when playing a game such as Video Slots. Here, the longer you play, the closer you get to hitting the jackpot and the closer you get to the 98% payout as listed by that Casino. In addition, you should play in the Casinos where the Jackpot has not recently been hit, and ideally is as high aspossible.

Nevertheless, before¬†commencing playing you will receive a healthy bonus that will put the¬†odds back on your side.It is a known fact that some of the more lets say¬†“conservative” nations have actually been excluded from monthlybonuses and other perks that¬† the Casinos issue because their players ALWAYS beat the Casino. Hence, if you are being issued such luxuries, remember¬†that they truly are a luxury. No Casino on the Vegas Strip would ever¬†withdraw its policy of offering you free alcholic beverages on its premises in exchange for giving you a Cash Bonus as soon as you walked through¬†the front door ! We advise that you check out the various bonuses and¬†perks offerred by the Casinos that we recommend.

If you set yourself¬†a win limit and walk away once you are up on the house then you are set¬†for Happy Days ! It is easy to loose sight of the old saying “It’s¬†not hard to win in a Casino, it’s just hard to leave with your winnings!”.


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