Mega Fortune ComeOn

Mega Fortune ComeOn

Mega Fortune can be found at ComeOn, its the biggest progressive online jackpot to be found online, and normally falls out anywhere between 4 and 12 millions Euros, making a very interesting proposition given that you can win this lfe changing sum for a principal sum of on 1 Euro per spin.

The logic of the ComeOn Mega Fortune works such that once the game reaches its Expected Value, the probablity of a win increases, plus an additional weight applied to your bet. So, you can win the jackpot with a bet of 1 Euro, but have a fractionally better opportunity if you are betting 2 Euros per spin for example.

The biggest Mega Fortune jackpot ever was won on Saturday 24th September 2011 in the early hours of the morning by a 20 year old student from the small town of Hordaland in Norway. This guy simply played some free spins, then with his winnings from those he won the jackpot of 11.7 M Euros!

It’s a hard life being a student!

Dont miss out on the action, play the Mega Fortune at ComeOn and win the next big jackpot.

Mega Fortune ComeOn

ComeOn Mega Fortune




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