Mega Fortune Winner History

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22nd November 2021

Mega Fortune Winner History


Mega Fortune Winner History on Mobile/Desktop…..

……………..As all good economists will tell you ( and bad stockbrokers! ) the only guide to the future is the past! And, with this in mind we reflect on previous jackpot wins from the Mega Fortune Mobile slot in order to best propose when the jackpot will next be won. To this objective, we have presented an analysis of past wins on this Guinness World Record breaking slot. As you see below, the Win amount is on the left hand side, together with the date of the win of the mega fortune jackpot amount. These winning amounts were paid directly to the player accounts, with no tax deducted since they were paid from the trusted jurisdiction of Malta.


WIN (Euros) DATE
2 168 766 04-07-2010


The World record Mega Fortune mobile jackpot winner had the immortal day on the 20th January 2013 hitting his win of 17,861,813 Euros.

The exact details of the winner were kept confidential to respect the wishes of the player, but it is known that the player originated from Finland.  Speaking about this extra ordinary win, the Chief Executive Officer for Net Entertainment whom produce the game and distribute it to operators to use on their site, Per Eriksson said, “This is our second world record jackpot in online gaming. The large liquidity within the slots with progressive jackpots enables the rapid growth of these jackpots, which is great news for the operators. We want to congratulate the winner of this record jackpot and hope to turn many more players into millionaires in the future.”

Below is a screenshot of the game shortly before the jackpot was won!

The second largest win to this was on the 24th September 2013 when a not too small amount of  11,736,368 Euros was won, which at the time made it the World Largest ever Online Jackpot, and was published in the Guinness Book of Records.

In general the Mega Fortune jackpot slot is believed to have an expected fall out in the region of 4.5 M Euros. So, if we looked at 1Million Mega Fortune jackpot wins, on average, the value of the amount won would be 4.5M Euros. However, since we don’t have enough samples to examine, in this case only around 11 historic Mega Fortune jackpot wins on record, approaching this average is foolhardy, and can simply only be used as an interesting benchmark. All of these wins were achieved on the desktop version of Mega Fortune, but there is now a Mega Fortune Mobile version of this slot also!

In order to predict when the mega fortune mobile jackpot will fall out next, since the variance of wins is so large, this shouldn’t be considered as a necessary indicative figure. Historic Mega Fortune jackpot wins are distributed rather randomly in terms of the number of days between subsequent jackpot wins. The variance is anything from a minimum of less than 1 month to a maximum of 3 months for time periods post September 2011.

Before 24th September 2011 when the Mega Fortune jackpot winner hit 11,736,368 Euros, the wins were never above 6 million Euros. This gives the notion that the games configuration was changed to produce larger variances of wins, which resulted in the occasional higher jackpot win than the expected win of Mega Fortune which is in the 4.5 million Euros area.

This win of 11,736,368 Euros was at the time a world record jackpot, making the Mega Fortune Jackpot game an incredibly more popular game in the online gaming arena, both for players and operators alike with a mouth watering jackpot to chase and market respectively.

Most recently Mega Fortune jackpot win was achieved on 7th August 2013 for an amount of 3 737 601 Euros, and then again on the 22nd October for an amount of  3,246,818 Euros and then again on the 13th December 2013 for an amount of 2 627 730 Euros.

The Mobile version of Mega Fortune was, released on the 12th December 2013 when the jackpot amount was at 2,5 Million Euros, and the next big win on the game is still being awaited. Every day, with every second the probability that the Mega Fortune jackpot win will fall out increases!

We didn’t have to wait very long in 2014 for the jackpot to be won yet again, and two wins came directly after each other with only 7 days between them!

On the 18th January an amount of 2 565 853 Euros was won, and then on the 25th January an amount of 658 148 was then won. This adds substance to how fair the jackpot fallouts are, with an RNG  ( Random Number Generator) that is truly unpredictable, producing wins of 600k up to 17 Million Euros!

On the evening of the 3rd March 2014, the jackpot was won again on 2,455,905 Euros and then again on the morning of the 20th April 2014, on an Easter Weekend!

Remarkably the Mega Fortune was then won again at 11am CET on 4th July 2014 ( American Independence day) for an amount of 5 619 165 Euros!

We can only wonder now what future will throw at us, with this record breaking progressive slot machine, available to change your life in a spin of a button on either the desktop or mobile version of Mega Fortune.

It will be interesting to also view the sequel to Mega Fortune, that was released in July 2014, called Mega Fortune Dreams.

Try out the Mega Fortune jackpot slot on your desktop or mobile device today, but don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus too!

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