How to win whilst betting on sports events!

Sportsbooks offer customer better odds online than they do offline, hence the attractiveness of betting and Live Sports Betting on events as they unfold from the comfort of your own living room! You can also place bets directly from your mobile or iPhone.

We have put together the Top  Sportsbooks on the internet for you to compare odds and make the most from your bets.

In addition, we provide the Sportsbooks that are currently offering a Free Sports Bet and/ or a Bonus on your first deposit at their Sportsbook – what more could you ask for !

Nevertheless, in light of all this we have taken the time to compile a list of points that the Sports Enthusiast should definately consider…..

1) Always hunt for the best odds.

You shouldn’t just take the odds offerred, but shop around the Top  Sportsbooks and take the most competitive odds for your selection. You can escape from taking or laying the lesser competitive odds now and again, but done over the length of a season and your bankroll will suffer.

2) Don’t place huge bets on favourites.

For example, in the English Football Premiership the margin between most of the teams is relatively small and hence any team can beat any other on any given day.

3) Don’t bet just to have action.

This is a common mistake, try not to bet on an event just because it is on TV or Radio, the odds for a non broadcasted event may be far more attractive.

4) If you are betting on the American NFL, lay big numbers in College.

You may have noticed that the College numbers move much more than those in the NFL, with a college movement of 6 points is common, whereas a 2 point movement for the Professionals is substantial. Once again this is due to the relative level of parity of the players in the NFL, in contrast to the range of abilities in the College teams.

5) Keep an eye on new Sportsbooks, they have been known to offer ridiculously good odds on certain events.

6) Follow Sports Live Betting on events to gain the best odds.

Often a Sportsbook will make mistakes or act slowly in updating their odds for Live Events that they cover. It has also not been un-common for delays in transmission of information to give the Customer an unexpected edge !

7) Consider the strength of recently played opposition.

Any team or individual may have accumulated a good run of victories, however, always consider the strenght of the recenlty layed opposition before backing a team against stronger opposition. This is a factor that casual fans often overlook, particularly when,for example, a domestic football team plays foreign opposition in a European Football


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