Tournaments available within the Casino

Casino Tournaments : As an added incentive within the Casinos on top of your initial deposit bonus of around 50%, and then your monthly loyalty bonus of around 30%, many Casinos offer tournaments upon specific games.

Tournaments can make playing such games very profitable and easily increase your margins against the Casinos, with 1st place prizes of £500 plus standard place.

The basic structure of Casino Tournaments is based on the player who can accumulate the most money, either over a limited time period, a limited no of game rounds or based on a performance ratio on the outcome of your placed bets compared to your winnings.

For example, InterCasino are currently running a series of weekly Intercasino tournaments based around their impressive suite of games running on a Wagerworks software platform.

They have £250 up for grabs in their fantastic Weekly Tournaments where you get £500 to complete against other players!

End up as one of the top 6 players (with the highest balance) after 30 minutes play in the Tournament and you’re in the money!

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