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30th July 2023

Fun Casino Hire

Here at “VIP Casino Slots – Fun Casino Hire” we provide you with everything needed to bring the real life casino experience delivered directly to your event. We have been operating since 2006 and have a distribution network capable of catering to your events within the UK, Norway, Sweden and Finland. All we require is 10 days notice in order to satisfy your order.

What type of events can we help you with?

1) Corporate events : Fun mobile casino for award style evenings

2) Wedding receptions : Unique fun wedding entertainment

3) Themed events : Casino rental for Vegas Nights fun casino nights


VIP Casino Slots

VIP Casino Slots are are the UK and Nordic casino table and slot hire specialists! If you are running a casino night or just want to hire a roulette table for your wedding we are able to help.

We offer a unique way to give your event something special. Whether you’re a fun casino connoisseur or a new beginner, how can you not enjoy the experience of these fun casino games.

If you’re hosting an event and want something a bit different, then a fun casino is definitely what you’re looking for. Suitable for all ages, young and old, fun casinos are an ideal way to get your guests socialising.

We have both roulette tables and blackjack tables for hire, that are replicas of tables used in the real casinos to give your quests the most authentic possible experience – albeit with fun money 😉

We also have slot machines available, that use fun money tokens, but still offer you the chance of hitting the jackpot!

Fun Casino evenings are very easy, at the beginning of the evening we set up the table / slot machines, then we distribute fun token money to your guests for them to play with during the evening.

Please contact us for more information and a quote.

We look forward to hearing from you!


VIP Hire Casino Tables

The tables that we provide are real life replicas, in contrast to the often small replicas that some other fun casino hire companies provide. This allows your guest to get a more realistic experience.

Roulette table hire: 9ft x 4ft = with luxury surround so players can rest on the side and play in comfort!

The wheels we use are genuine casino roulette wheels and are full-sized 31.5 inch/80cm in diameter.
VIP Casino Roulette Table

Blackjack table hire: 6ft x 4ft

Table designed for 7 players but can often squeeze 9 in.

VIP Casino Blackjack table

Your VIP Casino Slots Event

We know that your event is special and unique to you, and that you want to give your guests a night to remember. With this in mind, at VIP Casino Slots fun casinos we provide a flexible service that is adaptable to fit your individual needs.

1) Corporate events : Fun mobile Casino for awards evenings

2) Wedding receptions : Unique fun wedding entertainment

3) Themed events : Casino rental for Vegas Nights fun casino nights


Personalised fun money– we can use pictures, photographs, corporate logos or a design of your choosing and incorporate it into your fun money.

Prizes– for an additional price we will provide a bottle of champagne for the winner of your fun casino. We can also provide other prizes such as trophies, these work especially well with themed parties and corporate events.

Casino tables choose the number and type of casino tables you have at your event is entirely up to you, although we can give advice to make sure you have the optimum set up ensuring that you get the most out of your fun casino.

Timings a fun casino is perfect entertainment for both day and evening events. If you find that you would like more time than you originally hired your fun casino for, circumstances allowing, we will always try to extend your gaming period.

So, whether its a birthday, anniversary, wedding, ball, corporate event or Christmas party a VIP Casino Slots fun casino will make sure your event stands out from the crowd.

Prices for your event? If you are looking for prices and costs for casino hire then please email us for a quote.



VIP Casino Slots Fun Casino Hire

As the name suggests, VIP Casino Slots fun casinos really are fun and a great idea for all sorts of events.

Here are the top five reasons why your party should hire a fun mobile casino.

  1. Fun casinos are something a little bit different that will make your party stand out from the crowd.
  2. Fun casinos are a brilliant way to build an electric atmosphere, they are guaranteed to get you guests talking and laughing with each other.
  3. Mobile casinos provide wonderful interactive entertainment that everyone can enjoy regardless of age and casino experience.
  4. A fun casino can be a flexible and adaptable form of entertainment for your event. Mobile casinos are perfect for daytime and evening events and at VIP Casino Slots fun casinos we allow you to personalise certain aspects, like your fun money, to really make it your own.
  5. And remember, when you hire casino table from us, you will have all the fun of a real casino but with none of the financial risk.

So choose a fun casino for your event!

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