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3rd June 2012

Watch Euro 2012 on your pc Live!

……………The bigget football competition in Europe is now firmly underway, and the final is ever approaching! Who will be crowned international kings of Europe in 2012?

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Times given are Ukraine time. Take off 1 hour for Europe and 2 hours for UK time.

Date                     Venue           Details                           Time

Fri 8th June     Warsaw        Poland v Greece     19.00
Fri 8th June     Wroclaw      Russia v Czech Republic     21.45
Sat 9th June     Kharkiv       Netherlands v Denmark     19.00
Sat 9th June     Lviv              Germany v Portugal     21.45
Sun 10th June     Gdansk    Spain v Italy     19.00
Sun 10th June     Poznan     Rep of Ireland v Croatia     21.45
Mon 11th June     Donetsk    France v England     19.00
Mon 11th June     Kiev           Ukraine v Sweden     21.45
Tue 12th June     Wroclaw    Greece v Czech Republic     19.00
Tue 12th June     Warsaw      Poland v Russia     21.45
Wed 13th June     Lviv            Denmark v Portugal     19.00
Wed 13th June     Kharkiv     Netherlands v Germany     21.45
Thu 14th June     Poznan        Italy v Croatia     19.00
Thu 14th June     Gdansk        Spain v Rep of Ireland     21.45
Fri 15th June     Kiev                Sweden v England     19.00
Fri 15th June     Donetsk        Ukraine v France     21.45
Sat 16th June     Wroclaw      Czech Republic v Poland     21.45
Sat 16th June     Warsaw        Greece v Russia     21.45
Sun 17th June     Kharkiv      Portugal v Netherlands     21.45
Sun 17th June     Lviv     Denmark v Germany     21.45
Mon 18th June     Gdansk     Croatia v Spain     21.45
Mon 18th June     Poznan     Italy v Rep of Ireland     21.45
Tue 19th June     Donetsk     England v Ukraine     21.45
Tue 19th June     Kiev     Sweden v France     21.45

Euro 2012 Quarter Final Timetable / Schedule / Fixtures

Thu 21st June     A – Warsaw     1st Group A v 2nd Group B     21.45
Fri 22nd June     B – Gdansk     1st Group B v 2nd Group A     21.45
Sat 23rd June     C – Donetsk     1st Group C v 2nd Group D     21.45
Sun 24th June     D – Kiev     1st Group D v 2nd Group C     21.45

Euro 2012 Semi Final Timetable / Schedule / Fixtures

Wed 27th June     Donetsk     Winner A v Winner C     21.45
Thu 28th June     Warsaw     Winner B v Winner D     21.45

Euro 2012 Final

Sun 1st July     Kiev           21.45

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