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30th December 2012

World Record Jackpot


……………..Mega Fortune is the biggest online jackpot in the world, having paid out over £80 Million in jackpots since it first went live in late 2008 and is still going strong in 2014 with jackpot being paid out every couple of months! £45 Million has been paid out since January 2012, with the biggest ever single win amount being £14.9 Million that was won by a very happy Finnish gentleman on the 20th January 2013, making it a notable Guinness World Record for the largest ever online jackpot paid out, EVER!

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You can win the World Record Jackpot, potentially today or tomorrow!

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History of Mega Fortune jackpot wins!


WIN (Euros) DATE
2 168 766 04-07-2010
4 004 573 18-10-2010
5 319 020 21-02-2011
11 736 368 24-09-2011
6 864 858 18-01-2012
3 949 867 30-03-2012
3 144 039 06-06-2012
17 861 813  (Guinness WR) 20-01-2013
3 105 278 13-02-2013
5 306 611 27-05-2013
3 737 601 07-08-2013
3 246 818 22-10-2013
2 627 730 13-12-2013
2 565 853 18-01-2014
658 148 25-01-2014
2 455 905 03-03-2014
2 925 126 20-04-2014
5 619 165 04-06-2014

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Mega Fortune is a progressive online jackpot and normally falls out anywhere between 4 and 12 millions Euros, making it a very interesting proposition given that you can win this lfe changing sum for a principal sum of on 1 Euro per spin.

The logic of the Mega Fortune jackpot works such that once the game reaches its Expected Value, the probablity of a win increases, plus an additional weight applied to your bet. So, you can win the jackpot with a bet of 1 Euro, but have a fractionally better opportunity if you are betting 2 Euros per spin for example.

The second largest win on Mega Fortune was won on Saturday 24th September 2011 in the early hours of the morning by a 20 year old student from the small town of Hordaland in Norway. This guy simply played some free spins, andthen hit the jackpot with his winnings from those, netting him a cool 11.7 M Euros!

The largest ever win was 14M euros, by a single Finish man!  He probably isnt single anymore 🙂

So, if you want your name in the Guiness Book of Records, and you fancy  14Million Euros plus change in your pocket, then we suggest you invest a few coins in this slot!

If you want to learn about the Mega Fortune jackpot winner strategy then do so here!






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