PPLive Download Guide

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have the Programs installed prior to the match. Should you
have problems with the Player, you can refer to the “How
to set up the Program” page for assistance.

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Version How
to set up the Program
PPLive 1.3.20 Viewing
In the new versions of PPlive the main application
is called the PPlive Engine. An icon of a blue
arrow pointing down replaces the old grey ‘Pp’

Although the default language is set to English,
the channels list is still in Chinese. Choosing
a channel will play it in the PPlive Player ,
a stand alone player which is basically no more
than a Media Player in a PPlive skin.

There is an added bonus to playing channels directly
from the PPlive website. The streams are played
in a regular Media Player window which is still
the better option. Information about the chosen
channel will appear in the PPlive Play list window
that can be opened by double clicking the PPlive
icon in the taskbar .

If you are running a firewall on your pc you
should open a couple of ports for PPlive. You
can specify the ports you prefer through the PPlive
option menu. Since it’s not mentioned anywhere
within the application, we assume it would be
best to allow both TCP and UDP communication through
these ports

Please refer here to view the PPLive
TV Schedule.