Video Streaming
Audio Commentary
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Countries primarily in the Far East have not established Pay Per View facilities for football. As a result, football is currently being televised for free and the broadcasts of these TV stations are accessible to everyone. The quality of the picture that you can receive is good and is measured by the same units as your internet connection: Kb/Sec. Hopefully this service will continue for a long time to come !The Live Video Streams are transmitted at a quality of between 100Kb/Sec and 400 Kb/sec and 400Kb/sec is roughly the rate at which it is possible to watch the video stream on a full screen in reasonable quality. For reduced quality, the size of the media player’s window must be reduced. However, with the ever increasing supply of quick broadband this should not be a problem for the average connection rate.

In order to start watching a game on match day, you need to go through the following simple steps.

Go to

(1)” Downloads Required“, then go to

(2)”Live Video Streaming” and finally go to

(3) “Live Audio Commentary“, if desired ( optional ).