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TV Ants Viewing
The first thing that has to be done in order
for this application to work is to set at least
one server on top of the default server.
You can access the servers window by pressing
the ‘Servers’ tab. Usually it will select itself. 

TVAnts servers list The Tvants application also
has an internal search engine which let you search
for your desire channel. You can look for a certain
channel by typing its name and clicking the ‘Search
TV’ button.

Meanwhile you may leave it blank to search for
all available channel.

Once a channel has been chosen it will be added
to your personal channels list. You can get to
that list by clicking the ‘Channels’ tab in TVAnts
personal channels list TVants has its own stand
alone Player. When you double click a channel
the application will launch the player in a new
window in which the chosen channel will be played.