Mega Fortune jackpot history

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25th February 2013

Mega Fortune Jackpot History


……………..The Mega Fortune jackpot history is critical in trying to determine when the jackpot will next be won. To this end we have presented an analysis of past win with an eye to the future!

WIN (Euros) DATE
2 168 766 04-07-2010
4 004 573 18-10-2010
5 319 020 21-02-2011
11 736 368 24-09-2011
6 864 858 18-01-2012
3 949 867 30-03-2012
3 144 039 06-06-2012
17 861 813  (Guiness WR) 20-01-2013
3 105 278 13-02-2013
5 306 611 27-05-2013
3 737 601 07-08-2013
3 246 818 22-10-2013
2 627 730 13-12-2013
2 565 853 18-01-2014
658 148 25-01-2014
2 455 905 03-03-2014
2 925 126 20-04-2014



The y-axis on the graph shows the value of the amount won by the Mega Fortune jackpot winner in Euros. They x-axis show the date on which the Mega Fortune jackpot was won.

So, as you can see the world record Mega Fortune jackpot winner had the glorious day on the 20th January 2013 hitting his win of 17,861,813 euros. With the second largest win taking place on 24th September 2013 when a principle sum of 11,736,368 euros was won.

In addition, within the graph, you will see a black trendline. This black trendline on the graph plots the moving average of Mega Fortune jackpot winner amounts between successive winner  amount. This will give you an idea of the potential weighted average size of the next Mega Fortune jackpot winner amount, when it next falls out. In general the Mega Fortune jackpot slot is believed to have an expected fall out in the region of 4.5 M Euros. So, if we looked at 1Million Mega Fortune jackpot wins, on average, the value of the amount won would be 4.5M Euros. However, since we don’t have enough samples to examine, in this case only around 10 historic Mega Fortune jackpot wins on record, approaching this average is foolhardy, and can simply only be used as an interesting benchmark.All of these wins were achieved on the desktop version of Mega Fortune, but there is now a Mega Fortune Mobile version of this slot also!

In terms of predicting when the mega fortune jackpot could fall out next, since the variance of wins is so large, this shouldn’t be considered as a necessary indicative figure. From the history of previous Mega Fortune jackpot winner amounts, they are distributed quite randomly over time, in terms of the number of days between subsequent jackpot wins. The variance is anything from a minimum of less than 1 month, to a maximum of 3 months for time periods post September 2011.

Prior to 24th September 2011 when the Mega Fortune jackpot winner hit 11,736,368 euros, the wins were never above 6M euros, suggesting that the games configuration was altered at this time to produce larger variances of wins, resulting in the occasional higher jackpot win than the expected win of Mega Fortune which is in the 4.5M euros area. This win of 11,736,368 euros was at the time a world record jackpot, making the Mega Fortune Jackpot game an incredibly more popular game in the online gaming arena, both for players and operators alike with a mouth watering jackpot to chase and market respectively.

A Mega Fortune win was achieved on 7th August 2013 in the height of summer, where a nice win amount of 3 737 601 Euros was cashed out! Then the jackpot climber again until the 13th December when a principle sum of  2 627 346 was won on the Mega Jackpot.

It wasnt long to wait once 2014 commenced, with 2 wins coming in quick succession. The first being for an amount of  2 565 853 Euros on the 18th January, and then again only 7 days later on the 25th January an amount of 658 148 was then won, proving that the jackpot is wanting to fall out at any and all occassions, no matter how small or large the jackpot is.

What does the rest of 2014 have in store for this classic, all time favourite progressive slot machine…its already paid out three times in 2014 already up until April!

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